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Leak suggest upcoming Huawei vertical foldable could be named ‘Pocket 2’



Huawei vertical foldable Pocket 2

New Huawei vertical foldable phone is in the making and instead of the ‘Pocket S2’ term, the device could be named ‘Pocket 2’. The company seems to be planning an independent flip-flop smartphone lineup, separate from the Mate and P-series.

According to @FixedFocus, the Chinese tech giant might term its upcoming vertical foldable phone as ‘Huawei Pocket 2’. This further indicates that the company is considering the formation of a significant product line in the smartphone industry.

Up to this point, reports predicted that the next flip-flop model will carry the name ‘Pocket S2’ as the successor of the Pocket S. Some netizens even said that the device may launch as a P70 Pocket foldable smartphone in the consumer market.

However, the latest input has added a new twist in this matter. The tech giant is likely to begin a new journey in the folding device segment with a distinct Pocket 2 foldable. Things will get more clear at the official launch of the small flip-flop handset.

Huawei vertical foldable Pocket 2

Huawei Pocket foldable:

The vertical folding phone came into existence with the P50 Pocket smartphone. Eventually, the manufacturer launched this device as the innovative sibling of the P50 series.

Thereafter, Huawei introduced the Pocket S as a new member of the vertical clamshell lineup. Now, Huawei is looking forward to a new start in this aspect.

Pocket 2 Expected Specs:

According to the previous details, the upcoming folding phone will pack a Kirin 9000s chipset with powerful capabilities. It is further hearsay to appear in a beautiful purple plain leather and gray glass color on the consumer stage.

While the overall design would be quite identical to the predecessor, you may see the difference in terms of the large cover screen and more cameras. Another major highlight would be the 4520mAh battery with 66W charging support. In terms of display, we might see a 1.5K internal screen.

Huawei tipped to unveil the Pocket 2 device on February 26. At the same time, consumers may witness new smart products on the stage. Although an official word on this matter still awaits.

Huawei vertical foldable Pocket 2


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