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A new Malware is affecting Android users by luring them for free Netflix subscription




The leading provider of cybersecurity solutions Check Point Research (CPR) had tracked down a new Malware, which disguised itself as the Netflix application, luring the consumer by offering a free Netflix subscription.

According to the CPR analyzers, this “wormable” is found on Google’s Play Store, named “FlixOnline”. It is capable to steal information from the user’s Messenger apps, installed on the Android smartphone.

What can this Malware do:

Once you installed this Malware it will request you the notification and battery optimization permission which is:

“FlixOnline will be able to read all your notifications, including personal information such as contact names and the content of messages you received. It will also able to dismiss the notification or activate the buttons they contain.

This also gives the app the ability to Do not disturb on or off the changing setting related to it.”

If you ignored this message and allow this malicious app, it will able to do the following things mentioned below-

  1. Track your WhatsApp message
  2. Reply to your messages (outspread forgery messages in your Messanger App)
  3. Read notifications and can disable them
  4. Enable the Battery Optimizations prevents the malware from being shut down.
  5. It is capable to spread itself through the contacts in your Android device.

How many consumers are Affected:

As per the report, this Malware is active for about two months and had been affected over 500 users.

Google has been informed about this malicious application. In response, Google has removed this app from the Play Store.

How to prevent this kind of Malware:

It’s not possible to be completely protected from Malware and Viruses, but we can prevent it by be choosy when downloading apps, and download only from trusted app stores. That usually blocks you from coming across malware-infected apps.

If you discovered any symptoms of infection from Malware and Viruses on your Android smartphone. Just uninstalled the suspicious application and reset your login passwords.

(Source| CPR)

Yash is a graduate of computer science and followed his way into journalism, he is interested in various subjects related to technologies and politics. Yash likes to listen classical songs and has a huge library of classical mixes.