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Google Play Store brings ‘Now in Android’



Google Play Store Now in Android

Google has finally launched the “Now in Android” application on the Play Store. The newly-released app will eventually ease the app development for the developers and will make the entire procedure more efficient.

As the name suggests, Now in Android offers a quick view of what other developers have recently done in the Android system. Besides, you can check the latest designs, new tools, and functions that are being added to the Android surface.

In addition, the app also covers a huge library of new releases, articles, videos, podcasts, samples, codelabs, and several other subjects relevant to Android developers. It brings UI, testing, and architecture details to developers so that they can complete an app development more effectively.

On the flip side, the app will help the developers to remain updated with the latest tweaks and pinches about Android in the technology world.

Google Play Store Now in Android

So far, the app was already present on Github. However, to increase the availability rate, Google introduced Now in Android to the Play Store. As a result, not only developers but users can also learn about Android and app development.

Ultimately, the US tech giant keeps on checking its developers’ and users’ needs. The company introduces such services and facilities that can meet their requirements. Consequently, Now in Android is such an initiation.

Extraordinary layout, just like Material You

Now in Android app reflects quite similar properties to the Material You on a design basis. On the other hand, the app also relates to the Compose Material Catalog and showcases extreme designs and layouts.

Alternatively, the app exhibits default and dark colorways and displays themes as per the wallpapers. Further, it features customized layouts corresponding to several screen sizes.

Significantly, Now in Android app is a functional Android app entirely built with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. The app follows the new frameworks and modules which makes it capable of bringing the latest topics and details to developers.

Google Play Store Now in Android


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