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A Huawei P30 user ran into several issues after restart



Huawei P30 Pro

A Huawei P30 Pro user has reported that to face several issues once the user restarted the device. The issues comprised of different sections that appeared after the device restarted including. These include the appearance random black screen, the battery is also consuming very quickly. The phone is also showing some heat issues for the consumer.


Here We have some suggestion, which was posted by the moderators regarding these several Huawei P30 issues. We hope you may find your solution here:

Huawei P30


  • One user suggested that it can be a problem with the CPU. The heat is serious and the CPU is easily soldered.


  • Another moderator advised avoiding using your smartphone in an environment with low temperature, high temperature, or large temperature differences.


  • One of the users responded to clear the storage space of the device and asked to uninstall applications that are not commonly used.
  • We recommend you clean all your unwanted data and then restart your phone or take your device to the Huawei service center.

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