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Huawei-Fujian built country’s first 2.1GHz 8T8R offshore 5G coverage



Huawei Fujian 2.1GHz 8T8R

Recently, Huawei and Fujian joined their hands to place the country’s first 2.1GHz 8T8R offshore 5G coverage. Ultimately, the project finally got a successful full stop. Both parties have deployed an ultra-range coverage of 5G signals in Zhangzhou trenches.

According to the latest information, the 2.1GHz 8T8R offshore 5G coverage of Huawei and Fujian is capable of fulfilling several business requirements. For instance, 5G voice, video communication, and data transmission across the waterways. Moreover, it also contributes to the growth of the marine digital economy.

Talking of the characteristics, the dynamic coverage showcases the download rate of 29.8Mbps. While the upload rate that the network can achieve is 2.91Mbps. Aside, it can cover a distance of 82 kilometers from the shoreline.

Since Fujian has a coastland area of 3700 km, it got the benefit to give a boost to the marine economy. So far, the marine seashores have an isolated means of communication, which solely relies upon the maritime satellite. As a result, the user finds broken networks with high costs in the nearby regions.

However, the 5G tech will deliver a high-quality network to the users at 1% of the unit price. Undoubtedly, it will be a necessary choice for the consumers residing in marine communication and a huge aid in accelerating the evolution of the marine economy.

Huawei Fujian 2.1GHz 8T8R

The input of Huawei in this project!

The latest information reveals that Huawei has provided a bundle of effectual equipment for Fujian Telecom’s 8T8R architecture. This list begins with an original multi-antenna array that easily catches a strong network from the satellite.

Besides, the Chinese manufacturer has offered an advanced 8R IRC receiver technology as well as a high-precision channel estimation algorithm. Eventually, these mechanisms help in developing ultra-long distances across sea levels.

Huawei Fujian 2.1GHz 8T8R

Fujian Telecom words over the new project

“The 5G deployment in the Zhangzhou sea area can be said to provide the foundation of the information highway for the accelerated development of the marine digital economy. We will continue to accelerate the 5G coverage on the sea surface to meet the network experience needs of the resident population, enrich diversified services such as live broadcast, video viewing, and high-definition calls at sea, and improve the live broadcast economy.”


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