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14nm and 28nm could perform like 7nm chipset, Chinese semiconductor official on Kirin 9000s



Kirin 9000s

Recently, Wei Shaojun, Chairman of China’s Semiconductor Industry Association said during his keynote at an event that domestic semiconductors need to focus on developing important technologies. He also cited an interesting example of the Kirin 9000s as a growth engine for semiconductor manufacturing.

Wei mentioned that Chinese firms need to improve their operations based on long-term business and not on current market trends. He then turned the discussion into advanced semiconductor technology, saying that the companies also need to focus on advanced technologies and design tools.

The semiconductor chairman gave these suggestions in order to reduce dependencies on foreign chipmaking resources. Surprisingly, Wei made a statement that a real tech company could even make 14nm and even 28nm performance like a 7nm chipset. He clarified this statement citing the Huawei Mate 60 Pro as an example.

Launched in August this year, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro comes with a new Kirin 9000s chipset. So the Kirin 9000s chipset is made with a 14nm chip? There’s no clear answer to this question at the moment.

14nm 28nm 7nm chipset

A rumor also suggests that Huawei may have processed this new Kirin 9000s chip by combining two 14nm chipsets as a 7nm chip. Still, Huawei has not confirmed such news as official. Meanwhile, a report from TechInsights reveals that the chip is processed with a 7nm technology.

There is a major dispute in its name and processing technology since Huawei published no official information available on this matter.

But industry analysts are seeing this launch as a big win for Huawei and its supplier – SMIC. The company is doing sold-out sales among Chinese customers and also gaining popularity for further sales.


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