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Kirin 9000s is using SMIC’s N+2 7nm tech: TechInsights



Huawei Kirin

Huawei is making a buzz in China and in the global market with the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 series and a key reason is its new Kirin 9000s chipset, which is confirmed as 7nm by a semiconductor information platform.

TechInsights confirmed that Huawei has built an advanced chip with China’s SMIC chip maker based on 7nm process technology. The research.

The researcher said that the launch of SMIC’s N+2 7nm (with SRAM cache integrated) and 5G RF front-end chipsets could be a big breakthrough for the Chinese chip industry.

“For this next generation of the SMIC 7nm process is the ability to manufacture at scale in a process that was previously having yield issues. From a semiconductor process technology perspective, this is the first commercial use of an advanced Chinese process technology node that support bitcells (embedded SRAM), opening the door to a fully domestic advanced SoC design and manufacturing ecosystem.” wrote Techinsights.

Currently, the researcher didn’t reveal the procedure that identified the chipset technology. The name of the chip is not confirmed either but it’s labeled as Kirin 9000s in the past reports.

Kirin 9000s 7nm


This new chip also appeared in benchmarks including the Geekbench test. The Kirin 9000s achieved a single-core score of 1323 points and 3630 points on multi-core.

In terms of architecture, the chipset has octa-core architecture including 4 x 1.53GHz + 3 x 2.15GHz + 1 x 2.62GHz. It is revealed that the Kirin 9000s has Huawei’s custom Meleoon 910 GPU.

The mystery of the new Kirin chip continues, as we’re now adding the Kirin 9000s N+2 7nm chip into our revelation archive.

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