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YouTuber MKBHD praised Huawei Watch Buds as ‘Dope Tech’



Huawei Watch Buds MKBHD Dope Tech

Huawei Watch Buds is a unique 2-in-1 smartwatch and it has recently made a place in YouTuber MKBHD “Dope Tech” list for this innovative build and the hidden wireless earphones.

The well known MKBHD AKA Marques Brownlee used Huawei Watch Bud’s two-in-one smartwatch and shared various aspects of what he felt this smart wearable was dope tech.

He said the smartwatch is very classic and made with premium material, which is really up to what a consumer pays. Also, he mentioned Huawei’s capability of making a good smartwatch such as the Huawei Watch GT series.

Next comes the design, which received praise from the YouTuber, as he said that the smartwatch remains minimalistic. While the Watch Buds is a bit heavy than regular smartwatches.

However, Marques focused on the open-close structure and the wireless earbuds. He found the entire concept futuristic and it could be a hassle-free fast to get earphones at service.

You just have to open up the watch case and flip out the earbuds, put them on your ears and fire up the sound. However, the YouTuber also criticized the entire build quality of the earphones as well as the output, which is not up to the mark.

He found that the earphones lack the use of noise cancellation and it barely works in some situations. Still, Huawei Watch Buds make a place in the MKBHD dope tech with 7 out of 10 points.

This means a lot and a perfect recognition of such a design worth something for Huawei to improve the overall output of the earbuds. Also, to provide a better user experience with the next generation of Huawei Watch Buds smartwatch.

Huawei Watch Buds MKBHD Dope Tech

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