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Wuhan China Metro adds UnionPay with Huawei Pay services



Wuhan Metro Huawei

According to the Chinese Media, Wuhan Metro will officially add support to the China UnionPay QuickPass services available on Huawei Pay, Xiaomi Pay, and more. The passengers can use UnionPay cards, smartphones, smartwatches, and IC cards to pay fares.

When the passengers enter the gate induction areas, they can enter and exit the metro station with “Swipe & Pay” and the fare will be deducted from the respective UnionPay card-linked account.

Wuhan Metro collaborated with China UnionPay to improve the ability of benefits and convenience for people. At the same time to pass the gate, bring travel benefits to passengers, and infuse new vitality into a better life.

UnionPay Payment product:

UnionPay mobile QuickPass integrates a variety of payment methods including QR payments and tap-and-go payments. Consumers can pay online or in-store across use cases globally just with their mobile phones.

The UnionPay payment product integrates NFC and QRC. This product upgrade will further enrich payment options for consumers and drive UnionPay to explore innovative cooperation models with the international industry players.

Huawei Pay:

In early 2018, the cooperation between UPI and Huawei was started on mobile payment outside the Chinese mainland. Now, Huawei Pay is to be accepted in seven markets including Russia, Hong Kong, Macao, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

However, Huawei Pay is the first mobile payment product outside China’s mainland that integrates NFC payment, QR payment, in-app payment, and UnionPay online QR code.

How to use QuickPass?

UnionPay cards with card numbers starting at 62, with the QuickPass logo on the front side of the card, and a small amount of password-free service opening can be used to access the gate induction area. You can enter or exit after the gate is opened can go.

Through Unionpay IC Card:

It is also possible to bind a bank card to a smartphone or wearable payment device, use a mobile phone or wearable payment device, and “swipe the card through the gate” to complete password/fingerprint/face verification.

Through Smartphone and Wearable payment:

Currently, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and some models of mobile phones and wearable devices with Pay function are supported.

Supportive Apps:

  • AliPay
  • WeChat
  • Cloud QuickPass and more.

(Source: ithome)

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