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World’s first 3D game engine launched with OpenHarmony system



OpenHarmony 3D game engine

Cocos Community has officially unveiled the world’s first 3D game engine that supports the OpenHarmony operating system. This new gaming product appears on board as Cocos Creator 3.6.1 and efficiently operates the self-designed “Eagle Strike” game.

The input reveals that the cooperation tried out the OpenHarmony 3.2 beta 2 versions and adapted the system for its Cocos Creator 3.6.1 system. As a result, the respective engine will carry out finer power management and restart recovery.

Currently, the complete OpenHarmony system adaptation is underway and will enter the official Cocos creator version in the time ahead. Hence, interested developers and operators will require the community version to install and test the new OpenHarmony-based 3D game engine.

Since the latest gaming engine is based on the OpenHarmony system, developers are eligible to create content and programs using OpenHarmony’s HAP application package.

This engine will play a crucial role to develop and enhance its toolchain, improving the performance in detail tuning, and increasing the interface depth compatibility. As of now, Cocos Creator 3.6.1 has equipped the 32-bit OpenHarmony base. But, it will soon take the lead for 64-bit OpenHarmony.

As mentioned, the new 3D game engine supports the Eagle Strike game on its surface. Meanwhile, the “Long Sky” game is in the development phase and will join the latest gaming system in some time.

OpenHarmony 3D game engine

New plans for the gaming field!

Further, the information suggests that the Cocos community has some more plans for its gaming scenarios. Alternatively, Cocos is looking for associating the next-generation 3A screen standard with the OpenHarmony system. Ultimately, this will mark a follow-up on a complete technical adaptation of moderate to heavy gaming scenarios.

As a result, this integration will expand the collaboration between OpenHarmony and Cocos community. Moreover, it will open new doors for screen presentations and commercial games. It’s just a plan hence, we cannot say how things will go on. Yet, this association will bring more new and advanced technologies to the gaming world.


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