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New cloud speaker launched with open source HarmonyOS



harmonyos cloud speaker

Guangdong Jiulian Technology Co., Ltd has launched and adopted its new Jiulian cloud speaker with Open source HarmonyOS OpenHarmony 3.0.1. LTS lightweight operating system. It has recently received certification from the OpenAtom foundation, the owner of the OpenHarmony project source code.

It is awarded the OpenHarmony Ecosystem Product Compatibility Certificate, which means that the device meets the technical requirements defined by OpenHarmony compatibility.

HarmonyOS cloud speaker builds sound prompts and real-time data synchronization scenarios for businesses to improve efficiency and ensure safety. The Jiulian cloud speaker is equipped with the OpenHarmony operating system.

It could also be used as a Payment device, which greatly improves the efficiency and security of cashiers, and helps merchants to better complete business transactions.

harmonyos cloud speaker

Jiulian Cloud Speaker is also a smart voice terminal specially designed for merchants that integrates business assistants, voice interaction, music and audio, and other functions.

It has a light indicator, two physical buttons, and a built-in ESIM. It also supports MicroUSB charging, a battery capacity 2000mAh. Furthermore, there are features such as customer operation smart push notification, operation broadcast, timing reminder, custom shouting, music and audio playback, and other useful features.


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