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When HyperOS will rollout for global Xiaomi phones?



Xiaomi HyperOS

Today, Xiaomi made a groundbreaking announcement of launching its new HyperOS operating system but the question that many Xiaomi users are asking is when HyperOS will rollout for their phones.

Lei Jun, Founder and CEO of Xiaomi was first to announce the “Xiaomi HyperOS”. It’ll launch first pre-installed with the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series and the company could also share a rollout plan to upgrade previous devices.

So, when Xiaomi will rollout HyperOS for global Xiaomi phones? To answer that, we will take a reference from Alvin Tse, Xiaomi Global VP. He posted on X that Xiaomi will gradually replace MIUI, its current custom Android skin with HyperOS.

In the comment section, Alvin also confirmed that HyperOS will rollout for global phones throughout 2024. More information about HyperOS will be announced at the Xiaomi 14 series launch event.

Xiaomi HyperOS global phones


From what we know so far, Xiaomi wants to achieve more control over the speed of its mobile software and the seamlessness of different platforms.

Therefore, HyperOS is an all-in-one software approach, somewhat similar to Huawei HarmonyOS. It means the HyperOS will not only work on smartphones, but it will also support all of its IoT devices.

Unlike Huawei, Xiaomi has openly announced that HyperOS will use Android in the base combined with the Vela software system. For your information, Xiaomi Vela is an IoT software platform based on a built-in NuttX open-source operating system.

Therefore, Xiaomi HyperOS is a hyper version of MIUI with the inclusion of seamless connectivity and management of smart devices all across the Xiaomi ecosystem. Still, it could be an exciting upgrade for all of the Xiaomi smartphones in China and in the global market.

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