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WhatsApp to soon bring ability to export backup from Google Drive 




WhatsApp is a single signup smartphone app that can not sign up on another smartphone-(like Instagram and Facebook). But is working to update itself to secure your data, and personal information safe and protected. In a recent development, WhatsApp is working to add a new feature for your convenience.

WhatsApp is launching a beta update for Android smartphone users, the beta update gives you the ability to export your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive easily, with this you can effortlessly transfer your WhatsApp Data to Google Drive.

The recent Beta update for WhatsApp holds a version number, which is rolled out through the Google Play Beta program. So if you wanted to experience this then you can grab this via Google Play.


How the new feature works:

Previously, plans were shared that Google would have offered limited plans for storing WhatsApp backups in the future. However, recent information indicates that WhatsApp is working on providing the ability to export backups stored in Google Drive.

You can check the screenshot mentioned below, there is a new option at the bottom of WhatsApp Settings > Backup Chat > Export Backup. The backup contains the entire chat history including messages, images, videos, and more. This will give users undue control over their backups in Google Drive soon with a future update.

WhatsApp Data Backup Beta update


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