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WhatsApp to bring new order shortcut feature



WhatsApp order shortcut feature

WhatsApp is brushing up on a new order shortcut feature for future updates. Recently, the application-based company declared the successful rollout of the ‘setup cover photo feature’ for the business profiles. Adding more enhancements to the business section, the company has started working on a new function.

Order Shortcut Feature

As per the reports, the exclusive order shortcut feature for the WhatsApp business is a thoughtful execution. It is a new chat shortcut that will alternatively help in creating orders. Consequently, it will help the business consumers to generate the orders in no time.

Earlier, the company mentioned to introduce a unique way that will aid the creation of orders in the application. Fortunately, the reports confirmed that the company has jumped on the feature development, and the spots are visible in the WhatsApp Desktop beta bundle.

WhatsApp order shortcut feature

Eligibility of Order Shortcut feature

The addition of this feature will enable the users to create order inside the conversations. Furthermore, the users can also select the products as well as other info such as quantity, price, and more, that they want to embrace within the order. Thereafter, the individual can distribute the order to other consumers.

However, a notable fact is that since it is a business-oriented feature, it will only be intended for the business category. At the moment, the feature is in the development phase. Therefore, there are no tugs on the release of the feature. Yet we expect to have this function in the hands by the new update.

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