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WhatsApp to soon add three new privacy features



WhatsApp new privacy features

Three new and important privacy features were announced for WhatsApp Android, iOS, and Desktop users. These features will improve the security of WhatsApp, and also fill the available feature security gap.

Meanwhile, our friends and loved ones are playing smart, when you sent messages or images with the view one feature. They take screenshots to further bother use.

But as per a recent statement by Mark Zukerbuck, WhatsApp to soon screenshot blocking for the view once feature. With this, you can stay tension free with the receiver and cannot take the screenshot.

Additionally, two more, exclusive features to introduce by the end of this month for all the trio devices including Android, iOS, and Desktop. Another feature is to let you silently leave the group without notifying any of the group participants.

This feature will undoubtedly prove reliable for the user. Occasionally, a situation arises when we do not want others to know that we are quitting the group but are unable to do so, due to the concern of being notified.

WhatsApp new privacy features

Alongside, the third feature will give you access to whom can see your online status on WhatsApp. All three upcoming new WhatsApp privacy features will hit your devices in a month.

  • First feature: If you are a group participant then you can leave the group at any time without knowing anyone, which means if you wanted to leave the group then you can leave silently, without notifying anyone
  • A second feature: Now you have access to show, who can and who can’t see your online status
  • Third feature: Now the company blocks the screenshot for the View once messages.

(Source: WabetaInfo)

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