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WhatsApp rolling out Media View Once feature, giving more control over privacy



WhatsApp Media View Once feature

Staring with this week, WhatsApp began to roll out the “WhatsApp Media View Once” giving more control over the privacy of the users. Furthermore, these media will also come with end-to-end encryption and won’t be stored in WhatsApp servers.

Once this mode has been set on the media, it’ll automatically disappear from the device after the receiver has seen it. However, the photos and videos with the view once mode can last up to 2 weeks, if the receiver didn’t open them in the meantime.

This feature is needed for some sensitive information such as WiFi passwords or documents. Besides, those media can also be set at this mode, which needs to send for the moment such as any location or new object.

WhatsApp Media View Once feature

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WhatsApp Media View Once Features:

The media set with this new feature will come with the “view once” icon and has the following specifications. Besides, Once the media has opened, it won’t be stored in the device storage. Somehow it’s helping us in saving the memory storage of our device.

  • Media with “view once” mode can only access for a single time
  • The receiver of the media can’t save it in the gallery, nor marked in star
  • The media can’t be forward to another user
  • It’ll automatically expire in 14 days if you don’t open them
  • The receiver can retrieve the media from backups if the message is still unseen
  • The sender has to select this mode each time when need
  • When the receiver tuned on the view once mode then only the sender gets to know if the media has been seen or not

However, there are few things that a sender needs to be aware of. First of all, the view one media feature doesn’t send any notification if took any screenshots of the file by the receiver. Second, encrypted media sent to a user can be saved on WhatsApp’s servers for a few weeks. But, WhatsApp can easily read the media if the receiver reports about it.

(Source – Facebook)

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