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WhatsApp brings new Expired View feature



WhatsApp has recently enabled the WhatsApp Expired View feature with the beta tester program to bring more convenience for the users. The users can identify the beta version for Android with the new version.

Previously, WhatsApp introduced the possibility to send WhatsApp media with the view once option. These media files have the capability to be removed from the conversation section within 14 days if the receiver didn’t open the file.

Following this new feature, the WhatsApp team added some extra attributes in this new beta build to bring further assistance for the users.

WhatsApp Expired View Feature

In case, if the receiver of the video isn’t able to open it within 14 days of the sent date, he/she will receive the notification with the note “your media has expired, please ask the user to resend it.” So you can get to clearly know about the situation.

However, there is a possibility that users can’t see the expired mark on the media set as the view once even after didn’t open them with 14 days. This might be occurring due to the recent changes made by the developers.

At present, WhatsApp is working further on this feature and will introduce new fluency in the future for easy operation.

WhatsApp Expired View Feature

As you are well aware that we don’t track any record of the sent and device media as it’s too funny. So there is a possibility of encountering some trivial suffering of tracking the sent date of the media. With this expired alert feature, we won’t waste our precious time on matching the date, if the file happens to contain some important information.


WhatsApp is gradually expanding the availability of this beta version and it’ll take a while to enable this version. Until then, users can wait patiently to reach this feature on their respective devices.

(Source – WABetaInfo)

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