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WhatsApp January 2023 Android updates [List]



WhatsApp January 2023 updates

January 2023 brought in new opportunities for WhatsApp to expand further among Android users and the Meta-owned chat platform is releasing new beta builds to users interestest in new features.

It’s widely used on Android and iOS platforms, but for the time being, we’ll only focus on Android and keep you posted with the latest functionality being tested for WhatsApp users.

Note that the mentioned features may change or delay production and the only purpose is to anticipate the upcoming ones. Also, you can access them early by signing up for the WhatsApp beta build.

Below you can check the January 2023 WhatsApp beta rollout list. To be mentioned inputs are taken from Wabetainfo.

WhatsApp January 2023 updates

January 26, 2023:

  • WhatsApp beta version for Android showcase upcoming text editor for drawing tool improvements (read more).

January 25, 2023:

  • WhatsApp brings support for haptic feedback whever you react to a message on mobile device.

January 20, 2023:

  • WhatsApp beta for Android users brings will let them change the photo quality between, automatic, best quality and data saver. There cold be more option added or removed from this later on.

January 19, 2023:

  • WhatsApp for Andriod rolling out for public users with block shortcut feature.

January 18, 2023:

  • WhatsApp beta for Android allows you to share a voice note as a status update with a certain users that are allowed to see your status.

January 14, 2023:

  • WhatsApp would let you transfer chat history to a new phone without using the cloud storage.

January 12, 2023:

  • WhatsApp version is in work with a feature to Block to quickly block contacts. In addition, there’s version that shown block feature directly into the notifications.

January 11, 2023:

  • WhatsApp noted with a new user interface for loading your chat.

January 10, 2023:

  • WhatsApp testing a an alert to inform you about the feature to share caption along with the media.

January 6, 2023:

  • WhatsApp beta test reveals a feature called Report, which would allow you to report any WhatsApp status, as it violates or offends you.

January 5, 2023:

  • WhatsApp version revealed that the company is working on a chat transfer feature called move chats to Android or iOS. This feature will allow users to transfer their chat to each platform.

January 4, 2023:

  • WhatsApp beta version shows that the chat app will bring the bookmark icon to the disappearing message that has temporarily been saved, meaning they will not be automatically deleted from the chat and everyone in the conversation.

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WhatsApp Android to add disappearing messages shortcut



WhatsApp Android disappearing messages shortcut

WhatsApp is releasing a new beta version for Android users that brings a shortcut feature to disappearing messages. As the term suggests, it will let users prioritize their chats and messages in the application.

According to the latest info, the unique shortcut feature for disappearing messages is rolling out with the build version. Being a beta iteration, it is only available to a handful of consumers at the moment.

Earlier this month, the company created a separate section for disappearing messages. Eventually, this addition helped the users to operate the corresponding messages and chats effectively in the app.

Besides, it enabled the users to pin up the old and new chats in the disappearing section. As a result, it becomes easy to sort and organize the main chats and phone numbers as per convenience.

Now to make the feature more accessible, WhatsApp is adding a new disappearing messages shortcut for Android users. This feature will reside in the Manage Storage section with the “tools to save space” label. Further, it is capable to control storage as well as maintain privacy in the chats.

How the shortcut feature is useful?

In case you are thinking about how the feature will help with storage management – the shortcut tool can delete the media content automatically after reaching a specific time limit.

You can set the time limit accordingly under the privacy section or in the chat info. In terms of disappearing texts, the feature will inspect your priority and will shift the “more important chats” over to other numbers. Thus, the respective feature is quite interesting to use.

Availability of the Shortcut feature

As of now, the feature is only available to a limited amount of Android users. However, the company will push off the shortcut element to more consumers with the upcoming updates.

Meanwhile, users can also get this beta feature along with the following build versions:

  • WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp

So WhatsApp Android users, keep installing the latest builds to experience new and amazing pinches of the app.

WhatsApp Android disappearing messages shortcut


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WhatsApp remained down for hours before it was fixed



whatsapp down

Today, WhatsApp went down and remained inaccessible for over 2 hours before it was fixed. App users around the world reported an outage of services that blocked the user interface of the Meta on the chatting application.

According to the users, the app was showing issues in accessing the app randomly, under which, they cannot read or send new messages. Furthermore, there’s no error screen that remained persistent on the app with the label ‘connecting’ to the server.

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A spokesperson said: “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible.”

According to Downdetector, users began reporting this issue before 8 am on Tuesday, while over 12,000 reports appeared on the website by 8.30 am. That’s a massive number and it’s quite disturbing for the users.

whatsapp down


However, Meta finally resolved this issue and resumed services after over 2 hours of blackout on WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Meta nor WhatsApp has announced the reason behind this massive outage in services or given any official statement.

WhatsApp is one of the largest chat messaging apps with over a billion users globally. However, such a shortage could be a reason for server failure, which could happen occasionally.

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WhatsApp brings 9 new features for better chat experience



Whatsapp 9 new features

WhatsApp is a chat application that continues to bring amazing and useful additions to its users. In the latest development, WhatsApp has announced 9 new features that optimize the overall chat experience.

Surprisingly, these fresh features are available for both Android and iOS systems. Thus, you don’t have to worry whether your chat application will receive an upgrade or not. Besides, some new tweaks for WhatsApp Business are also in the queue.

Notably, some of the features are still under development. Hence, it could happen that you may not find them immediately, but after a while with a new update.

Check out the 9 new features of WhatsApp, below.

Whatsapp 9 new features

1. New Features for WhatsApp Business

The list begins with the WhatsApp Business application. The company has added a unique linked device interface, track ad mode, and reorder collections features. Users can easily find these features in the latest WhatsApp Business version.

2. New App Sidebar

WhatsApp has revamped the interface to some extent and has added a new app sidebar. Eventually, this addition will help the users to check the status updates, chat settings, and profile in one place. Besides, you can now respond to status updates effectively.

3. WhatsApp replaced the old camera tab with a new tool

WhatsApp has added a new tool to the Business application. This feature is known as Business Home and carries all the essentials in one section. As a result, the user can reach all the business tools easily without searching for them in the separate settings section.

4. WhatsApp Edited Message

With the help of this function, users will be able to edit an ‘already sent’ message. Further, the messages that you will edit showcase an ‘edited’ label at the bottom right corner.

5. React to the Status Updates

This function enables you to react to status updates. Just open the status and tap on the reply button or swipe up. You will find 8 emojis including 100 points, Party Popper, Clapping Hands, Crying Face, Laughing Face, and more.

6. Change Text Format

WhatsApp users with the iOS 16 system can now format the texts accordingly. All you have to do is select the text you want to format. A pop-up window with text format options will appear. Select the preferable option and enjoy a new way of texting.

7. Four reactions for chat bubbles

So far, users were able to see only three reactions on the chat bubbles. But now WhatsApp has extended the reactions up to 4 limits. Now you can view up to 4 emoji reactions on the texts.

8. Add a link to the status caption

WhatsApp has counted the ability to add a link to your status caption. Earlier, this function was not available but now you can add and directly open the link from the caption.

9. Fixed Notification Issue

The company noticed that a few features are accompanying some issues with the app’s notifications. Alternatively, users were not able to hear any notification sound while they receive a message on the app. At present, the company has fixed that issue completely.

As mentioned, it could happen that some features will not show up immediately after the installation of the latest version. Hence, don’t panic and wait for the next update.

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