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WhatsApp Android to add settings search and real-time video recording features




WhatsApp for Android is testing a new search bar to sort out the settings menu and there’s a new short video message feature that will help you to improve authenticity and speed in real-time chats.

WhatsApp for beta brings a search bar icon on the top right corner of the screen. This search bar can filter WhatsApp settings to a specific option.

For instance, if you want to update your status, then all you have to do is to open the settings and tap on “Status” from the filtered on-screen results. The new search bar will help to remove unnecessary scrolling throughout the settings page.

On the flip side, it could be super time-saving for new users, who just installed the app on their Android smartphones.

Video Messages:

WhatsApp is also spotted testing a new capability with version and it’s called video messages. The app will be able to record video messages. According to the information, WhatsApp is working on this new feature to record and send short videos.

Once recorded, you can share your video with the contact. The screen interface is pretty clear. As it consists of record, stop, video timeline, rear and front view camera buttons, and trash and send buttons. It also has a viewport to preview the recorded video in real time.

What’s new?

The video message is recorded and sent in real-time. On the other hand, you will be required to first capture a video with the phone’s app and send it over to a contact. The new feature is also designed to ensure the authenticity of the sender.

To be precise, this feature only supports up to 60 seconds of the timeline.

You should know that the settings search bar feature along with real-time video messages is only available for the WhatsApp beta testers with app versions and

WhatsApp Beta:

WhatsApp continuously tests new features and optimizations for this messaging app. However, these changes are first applied for the beta campaign and may change during development.

After a successful run, WhatsApp tracks them in stable mode and releases them for all of WhatsApp users.

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