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What do you think of new EMUI 12 large folders?



EMUI 12 Large Folders

EMUI 12 has a number of new features that keep you attached to the new Huawei software. Although, we can talk about numerous new EMUI 12 capabilities but here’s the one that we want to talk to you about – Large Folders and take your opinion on this matter.

EMUI 12 Large Folder feature allows you to manage your phone’s home screen app and put them in a proper manner. However, the main use case of this feature lies in its handy functionality that gets you direct access to mobile apps without even requiring you to open the folder, while remaining inside the folder.

Such a feature comes into use when a user wants to get maximum portability in their hands.

You can turn your standard folder into a large one by just tapping and holding your finger on a special app icon and dragging and drop into another app icon.

Creating a Large folder is simple:

First, you need to touch and hold an app icon and drag it over another icon to create a new folder. Then touch and hold the folder to show a popup menu with display modes. Now, select Enlarge to resize the folder and make it big.

You can tap on any apps inside the large folder to open them without opening the folder first. However, the large folder works as a standard folder feature and lets you see the content inside, once tapped on the corner.

Similarly, you can exit the folder by just tapping on any corner of the user interface.

Keep it tidy:

Yes, the feature is very handy to manage the on-screen app and access them in an instant. What do you think of the new EMUI 12 Large Folders feature? Let us know via the poll linked below.

EMUI 12 Large Folders

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