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Huawei EMUI May 2022 security patch details released



Huawei EMUI May 2022 security

We’re in the first week of May and Huawei just released the May 2022 security patch details for smartphone and tablet devices that run EMUI custom OS skin. It brings fixes for common vulnerabilities found in the latest EMUI system.

It’s really wonderful that Huawei is very sincere about its device’s system security because it can cause major issues for the users if it will be compromised. Now, Huawei is adapting the habit of Samsung and Google to release monthly security details at the beginning of the corresponding months or earlier.

On the other hand, the latest EMUI 12 major update rollout is going in the global market for its eligible devices and is currently at its peak. However, global Huawei users are really enjoying the new features of EMUI 12 and experiencing the HarmonyOS-like environment.

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Yes! Huawei EMUI 12 system also encountered some common bugs, which were also resolved with the latest May 2022 security patch. It provides better system security and stability as well as enhances the privacy level. Yet, the rollout is not started but it will begin soon in the coming days.

Do you want to know, what’s fixes with May 2022 security patch are? Well, it fixes the following CVEs:

  • Critical: 1 CVE
  • High: 14 CVEs
  • Medium: 16 CVEs
  • Low: 0 CVE

Huawei EMUI May 2022 security

Huawei EMUI May 2022 security patch details:

Critical: CVE-2021-35081

High: CVE-2021-0694, CVE-2021-39795, CVE-2021-39803, CVE-2021-39804, CVE-2021-39794, CVE-2021-39796, CVE-2021-39808, CVE-2021-39809, CVE-2021-30334, CVE-2021-35130, CVE-2021-0707, CVE-2021-39800, CVE-2021-39801, CVE-2021-39776

Medium: CVE-2021-39771, CVE-2021-35071, CVE-2021-39739, CVE-2021-39741, CVE-2021-39748, CVE-2021-39759, CVE-2021-39760, CVE-2021-39762, CVE-2021-39763, CVE-2021-39764, CVE-2021-39774, CVE-2021-39777, CVE-2021-39781, CVE-2021-39746, CVE-2021-39757, CVE-2021-39786

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2021-30276, CVE-2021-30285, CVE-2021-39690, CVE-2022-20047, CVE-2022-20048, CVE-2021-1918, CVE-2021-30267, CVE-2021-30268, CVE-2021-30269, CVE-2021-30270, CVE-2021-30271, CVE-2021-30273, CVE-2021-30283, CVE-2021-30289, CVE-2021-30293, CVE-2021-30303, CVE-2021-30287, CVE-2021-30300, CVE-2021-30301, CVE-2021-30307, CVE-2021-21781, CVE-2021-39715

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