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Volkswagen could purchase Huawei’s smart car business: Report



Huawei Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a well-known car maker that needs no introduction. And a report mentions that Volkswagen is currently in talks with Huawei to purchase its smart car unit.

Manager Magazin reported on Thursday that the German carmaker – Volkswagen is in talks with Huawei to acquire an autonomous car-making unit for a deal that could reach up to billions of euros.

Car makers are rushing to make new technologies related to the smart car concepts that will shape the future of driving. Related to this, Volkswagen Chief Executive Diess said on Wednesday he expects the car industry to see widespread autonomous driving within 25 years and that the company was pursuing new partnerships to increase its self-sufficiency in software.

Huawei Volkswagen


in the past few years, Huawei has rapidly made growth in autonomous car solutions. In China, the tech maker has introduced its technology in collaboration with many car companies including SERES.

Although, there are many speculations that Huawei is building its own cars but the company has already denied these claims saying that Huawei doesn’t want to build new cars instead it will develop new smart car technology and help carmakers to sell them.

In the current scenario, nor Huawei nor Volkswagen has delivered any confirmation on this matter but we’ll wait for the official statement that could reveal a better insight.

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