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VLC is once again available to download on Huawei phones



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Last, VLC developers decided to take an action against Huawei phones and said Huawei phones’ background task manager was causing issues with VLC app. Therefore, VLC announced that it’ll block Huawei phones from downloading the app from the Play Store. And now, VLC has confirmed that the block has been removed from Huawei.

VideoLAN the company behind VLC, has confirmed to Androidpolice, that VideoLAN have lifted their ban from Huawei devices and the owners can download this app from the Play Store.

VideoLan, also said that this problem has been fixed for months already. But most interestingly, it was never been officially announced by the company, instead, VideoLAN said that we’re still working on a solution.

Instead, this is the effect of Huawei fixing the bug in its background task manager and solved the error that was causing the problem through a recent update.

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