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Users in South Africa can now protect phones with Huawei Care insurance



Huawei Care insurance

If live in South Africa and you have a Huawei device less than 12 months old, it is eligible for Huawei Care Lite or Care Pro insurance. According to the information, Huawei Care Lite offers water damage and screen repair. The lite package includes physical damage to the device.

Under Huawei Care Insurance, you will get the full replacement value of the device, limited to accidental damage. It is subject to the limit of indemnity. You can file a minimum claim of R500, without a waiting period.

Huawei Care Pro covers water damage, screen repair, and loss or theft of the device. It consists of a cover for the full replacement value of the device. Subject to the limit of indemnity. On the other hand, it will get the device a 25% excess on claim value on devices valued over R5000.

Huawei Care insurance

Here are all of the exclusions that this service not covers:

  • Loss or damage arising from abuse, misuse, or neglect of the Huawei Device.
  • Any costs of replacing, reinstating, or making good wear and tear gradual deterioration, or derangement of any kind.
  • Faults or defects known to the Insured at the time of arranging this cover or during the currency of this Policy and not disclosed to the Insurer.
  • The cost of repairing or replacing any damaged external casings, cosmetic fittings, or accessories.
  • Loss, damage, or failure for which the manufacturer or supplier is liable, or which is covered by a current warranty contract.
  • Any costs are recoverable from other insurance or any party under the terms of any guarantee.
  • Defects in design or manufacture.
  • The cost of a modification affects repairs where the parts necessary for repair are no longer available or are out of manufacture.
  • The cost of repairs and/or maintenance carried out by anyone other than an approved Huawei Repair Centre.
  • The cost of routine inspection service adjustment or cleaning.
  • Loss or damage during the hire or loan of the Huawei Device to any third party.
  • Loss or damage if the serial, IMEI, or ESN has been tampered with in any way.
  • Any damage or fault caused by any form of the electronic virus.
  • Reconnection costs or subscription fees of any kind.
  • The cost of replacing lost data or software.
  • Consequential loss or consequential damage of any.

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