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Huawei Cloud Accelerator

During the Huawei CLOUD & Huawei Devices Cloud Service Innovation Summit 2023, Shi Jilin, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Services, said, currently at present, anchoring high-quality development, thousands of industries are showing three major trends of “new, practical, and outward”, promoting the growth of the industry to stabilize.

Huawei CLOUD adheres to the “cloud-cloud synergy” strategy, which provides full-link, global consistent experience overseas services, and helps more companies practice the three growth paths of new, practical, and outward, and adapt industry innovation growth, reinvention of new imagination.

Facing the new development trends of the industry and the needs of enterprises to upgrade their digital intelligence, Huawei CLOUD continued to innovate in technology and deeply collaborated with Huawei Terminal Cloud Services to create “Smart Marketing”, “GaussDB Game Database”, and “MetaStudio Digital Content Production Line” for industry scenarios.

Industry solutions, and successful practice in the e-commerce, game, and entertainment industries, to help enterprises achieve business innovation and upgrading.

Huawei Cloud Summit 2023

In the e-commerce industry, Huawei CLOUD provides solutions such as smart marketing, smart search, smart forecasting, smart production, and immersive shopping, making e-commerce smarter and business easier.

Shi Jilin revealed that Huawei CLOUD will also launch a new computing power structure for e-commerce, and build a new model of e-commerce “front shop and back field” through counting from east to west.

n the game industry, Huawei CLOUD provides high-performance cloud hosts, high anti-DDoS and self-innovated GaussDB game databases to build a highly stable and reliable operating environment for high-quality games.

Among these, the GaussDB game database, based on the industry’s first storage-computing separation architecture, can achieve second-level expansion of storage during business peak hours, effectively ensuring that tens of millions of players can chat in real time without getting stuck. At the same time, Huawei CLOUD also provides original intelligent game frame insertion technology and global acceleration services to provide gamers with a smoother experience.

In the financial industry, Huawei CLOUD continues to focus on strong compliance and business stability, making finance more reliable and systems more agile. Based on this, HUAWEI CLOUD has built a financial zone, which can provide two-site three-center active-active in the same city and remote disaster recovery capabilities, with industry-leading reliability.

At the same time, Huawei CLOUD will launch the third node of the financial zone in North China in February, achieving 3AZ layout. Shi Jilin further introduced that HUAWEI CLOUD has created a new distributed core solution to solve the high concurrency problem of massive transactions; it has actively empowered the bank’s digital business innovation and helped SCB, Thailand’s second largest bank, build a digital loan business.

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