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Update Huawei Watch GT 3 to install Running Ability Index feature and alarm improvements



Huawei Watch gt 3 running ability

Huawei has recently started dispatching a new HarmonyOS 2 version for the Watch GT 3 users in the home territory. The new update for Huawei Watch GT 3 aims to give something new to the users with optimizations and a new Running Ability Index Support feature.

Huawei is always prioritized resolving consumers’ issues by releasing timely updates, that aim to fix bugs and issues if they are stuck. This new update is a package of features optimizations and more.

Let’s explore the changelog:


  • Added Running Ability Index support for indoor running
  • The Alarm has been optimized

New version: HarmonyOS (c00M10)

Update size: 57.72 MB.

Huawei Watch gt 3 running ability

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Running Ability Index:

A runner’s endurance and technique effectiveness are reflected by the Running Ability Index, a thorough index. Based on a runner’s top times, it was created. A runner typically performs better in contests if their RAI is higher. Predicted timings and pace zone are two factors that the Running Ability Index considers.

Huawei Watch gt 3 running ability

Additionally, Alarm optimization will give you a recognized system efficiency. It gives you an accurate alarm and more. Now you can sleep without fear of missing an alarm or getting late.

Huawei Watch GT 3 HarmonyOS 3 update:

The Huawei Watch 3 users are currently enjoying the HarmonyOS 3 new features and improvements on their handset. But it is still awaited for the Watch GT 3 users, we can expect that company to soon release a new HarmonyOS 3 version on their smartwatch.

Well, the Huawei Watch GT 3 is the latest smartwatch offered by the company and Huawei it may enlist next to release the HarmonyOS 3 update for the user’s feedback. So Huawei Warch GT 3 users are ready to experience the new features of HarmonyOS 3 on their smartwatch.

It will give you a new start and boost the functioning of the device for the user’s satisfaction and concerns.


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