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Universal Music and Huawei Music completes copyright deal, enables authorized music library sharing



On July 9, 2021, Huawei Music and Universal Music Group China (“Universal Music China”) announced that they have reached a copyright cooperation agreement. Universal Music’s massive high-quality music library will be launched on Huawei Music. It also marks the first time that the two parties have reached authorized cooperation in mainland China.

Huawei Music has obtained the authorization of Universal Music’s massive genuine high-quality music library, which will bring more audio-visual choices to users. And Universal Music will also use Huawei Music’s full-scene ecosystem capabilities to reach more end users.

With this cooperation, users can listen to the high-quality music content of well-known artists under Universal Music in a variety of scenarios through different Huawei devices such as mobile phones, watches, speakers, earphones, smart screens, and in-cars.

Universal Music and Huawei Music:

“This cooperation between Huawei and Universal Music is an important milestone in building a full-scenario audio ecosystem. The two parties will use this cooperation to accelerate the development of high-quality content. Innovation in distribution and experience, together to explore greater business value.” said Zhang Pingan, Senior Vice President of Huawei, CEO of Huawei Cloud, President of Consumer Cloud Services

“I am very pleased that Universal Music China and Huawei Music have reached the first copyright authorization cooperation. The cooperation between the two parties not only means that the massive high-quality content of Universal Music will reach the vast number of Huawei users, and it will focus on the Huawei smart device ecosystem. There are even more opportunities for in-depth exploration. We look forward to working with the Huawei Music team to promote model innovation, enhance service experience, and create a successful partnership.” said Wu Jialun, Managing Director of Universal Music China

“In recent years, Huawei Music has built multiple application scenarios around the three categories of people, cars and home to make audio content and services faster. , To reach more life scenarios of users more intelligently, and to help partners realize the intelligent distribution of high-quality content”. said Wei Wu, general manager of the music and image business department of Huawei’s consumer business cloud service.

For example, with the one-touch transmission feature of the smart devices to make good music continuous in the mobile phone, speaker, and watch.

While running, the music played on the mobile phone can be connected to the Huawei watch to play it, which can easily achieve continuous music, side-by-side music.

Listen while running using the surround sound field formed by Huawei’s smart screen and Sound series speakers, the living room can be transformed into a music concert scene in seconds.

While driving, you can rely on the ability of Huawei Music’s unified account to allow music to flow seamlessly on your mobile phone and onboard smart screen. Create a comfortable music space in the car.

Mutual cooperation for strengthening content and services:

Huawei Music and Universal Music teams will jointly develop customized playlists based on different scenarios. By recommending suitable music to the right people, the universal music genre and rich music library will be accurate Recommend to different audiences.

HUAWEI FreeBuds4 wireless headset, after the headset is connected to the mobile phone, Huawei Music can automatically identify the headset model, and adapt the new product features to customize the exclusive playlist, further taking advantage of the headset’s surging bass performance.

In the future, Huawei Music will continue to actively explore in the VR field, and generate more VR music through the VR audio and video platform so that users can enjoy the immersive audio-visual experience brought by the internationally renowned symphony orchestra without leaving home.

This year, Huawei proposed a cloud-cloud synergy strategy based on the device cloud and Huawei Cloud to provide developers and partners with a unified service and experience.

As an amplifier for partners’ audio content and services, Huawei Music uses the Audio Connect audio capability platform to provide Partners including Universal Music have built Huawei’s full-scene ecological distribution capabilities of one-point access + global distribution + full-end distribution.

Not only allows high-quality music to quickly reach 210 million Huawei Music monthly active users in 170+ countries and regions but also accelerates the connection of 730 million Huawei device users worldwide through cross-device + full-scene distribution.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.