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Unionpi Lion board gets OpenHarmony certificate



Unionpi Lion OpenHarmony

Recently, China’s Unionpi Lion development board, developed by Jiulian Technology, completed performance checks and received OpenHarmony Ecosystem Product Compatibility Certificate.

Unionpi Lion development board is smart hardware based on an SV823 chip. It has integrated self-developed NPU and is capable of high-quality image processing, encoding, and decoding. It can be mainly used in smart security, smart community, smart home, smart office, and other scenarios.

Unionpi Lion OpenHarmony

The SV823 chip is a dual-core A7 CPU, brings smart H.265 + encoding technology, can reduce the encoding bit rate, integrates a professional security-level ISP, supports 2 – 3 frames of wide dynamic fusion technology, and automatic Adapt to noise reduction technology.

Unionpi Lion OpenHarmony

Additionally, it is equipped with NPU, providing 1.0T intelligent computing power, and can support mainstream frameworks such as Caffe, Tensorflow, and Pytorch. The latest OpenHarmony certification will the Unionpi Lion development board to get entry into the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

The open source OpenHarmony is currently managed by China’s OpenAtom foundation and has a big developer community.

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