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FlyHong OS launched based on HarmonyOS




China’s Fuzhou Huisibo Information Technology has released version FlyHong OS Lite operating system based on open source HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony. It is designed for the financial terminal industry and obtained the China UnionPay Financial Digital Service Terminal Operating System Authentication certificate.

FlyHong OS Lite is up for review as a financial digital service terminal operating system and was tested by BCTC (Bank Card Testing Center) according to the specifications.

The review content covered the basic functions of the operating system, financial service functions, interface layers, system services, layers, security, component functionality, stability, compatibility, and more.

FlyHong OS Lite has received the operating system certification of UnionPay Financial Digital Service Terminal, which indicates that FlyHong OS Lite meets industry requirements and has commercialization.

FlyHong OS Lite is based on OpenAtom OpenHarmony (HarmonyOS), a commercial distribution operating system for lightweight financial digital service terminals. This system can be widely used in financial IoT devices and pan-financial terminals, Pan POS, and other lightweight digital service terminals.

FlyHong OS HarmonyOS

Ahead of that, FlyHong OS Lite has also received the OpenHarmony 3.1 release version compatibility review and received the OpenHarmony Ecosystem Product Compatibility Certificate.

The FlyHong OS Lite carries a large number of financial capabilities, security capabilities, and system customization capabilities based on OpenHarmony. Financial digital service terminals provide all-around protection for system security, data security, and application security.

In addition, FlyHong OS Lite supports national secret system standards, supports financial service components, and the expansion of SE modules to meet the requirements of financial terminal security, financial business capabilities, and performance.

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