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U.S. to build its own 5G telecom equipment, can it really surpass Huawei?



The US administration plans to work with U.S. tech companies to create 5G telecom equipment to rival Huawei but would it be able to surpass Huawei? That’s a real question.

According to a report from WSJ, the plan would build on efforts by some U.S. telecom and technology companies to agree on common engineering standards that would allow 5G software developers to run code on machines that come from nearly any hardware manufacturer. This is a common plan to reduce, if not eliminate, reliance on Huawei.

Firms including Microsft, Dell, and AT&T are part of the project, reveals Larry Kudlow, White House economic adviser.

The U.S. lawmakers have proposed funding for research and development into open 5g software standard but the administration hasn’t decided to back this new 5G funding.

However, this doesn’t mean that anyone can create advance 5H network technologies to challenge Huawei and below are the reasons why it will not be easy.

The plan to create new 5G tech is still in its early stage and faces obstacles including collaboration among different firms with different priorities. Also, the cellular network uses a high level of tech that is new to the participants.

Talking of Huawei, the company has spent a huge sum of investment and devoted decades in research and development in the telecommunication field that helped Huawei to sit on the top as the largest telecoms equipment maker.

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