U.S. to review new restriction plans to reduce Huawei’s technological dominance

The Trump administration is planning to discuss new restrictions to be imposed on the Chinese tech giant to reduce its technological dominance, reports Reuters.

Recently, the Commerce Department official has withdrawn proposed new regulations on Huawei following the objections from the US Defence Department as well as the Treasure Department.

“The administration has to decide how to match its rhetoric on China with policies to deny China key technology and industry,” said Tim Morrison, a former senior director at the White House’s National Security Council under President Donald Trump, who favors tougher rules.

“Too many tools have not been brought to the President because the entire administration isn’t yet in the fight. That must end,” he added.

The meeting is expected to include cabinet-level officials from Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and State Department Secretary Mike Pompeo.

Aside from this new restriction goal, some of the government officials favor close ties with China to break the differences between the two big economies.

In May last year, The US commerce department was placed in the US Entity-List and restricting Huawei from purchasing US technologies.

However, overseas firms doing business with Huawei are out of the reach of the restrictions imposed by the US administration and therefore Entity-List has proved to be a failure.






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