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U.S. lawmakers rage as Huawei introduces new laptop with Intel AI chip: Report



Huawei laptop Intel AI chip

Huawei has recently unveiled the brand-new MateBook X Pro 2024 with powerful functions. While consumers have immensely welcomed the latest Huawei laptop, it also caught U.S. lawmakers’ attention as equipped with a fresh Intel AI Chip.

The detail reveals that U.S. lawmakers blame the Biden administration since Huawei introduced the MateBook X Pro 2024 laptop with new AI features and an Intel chip.

It is so because, after U.S. trade sanctions on Huawei in 2020, Trump’s ruling allowed Intel to supply a few of its advanced chips to the Chinese firm for laptop-making.

Even though many rivals insisted the Biden administration block off Intel’s license for shipping its chips in China, the authorities didn’t take any action due to the reason the license would expire by the end of this year and will not renew.

Huawei’s all-new MateBook product, however, has made the U.S. lose its temper as it installs the latest Intel Core Ultra 9 processor. It’s a massive processor offering enhanced AI facilities and performance capabilities to the MateBook X Pro 2024 laptop.

Huawei laptop Intel AI chip

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2024 (Image Credits: Huawei)

Intel Chips Shipment

The scenario suggests that the Commerce Department approved the shipment of the newest chips to Huawei which created a buzz in the U.S. Although a few other sources imply that these chips went out under the pre-existing license and don’t count under the latest trade restrictions for China.

Republican Congressman and the head of the House of Representatives Select Committee – Michael Gallagher says there is a need to stop such approvals at the earliest:

“One of the greatest mysteries in Washington, DC is why the Department of Commerce continues to allow U.S. technology to be shipped to Huawei. These approvals must stop. Two years ago, I was told licenses to Huawei would stop. Today, it doesn’t seem as though the policy has changed.”

U.S Ban

Huawei has been under the U.S. eyes since last year when it brought in Mate 60 models with the Kirin 9000s 5G chipset. The surprising entry of the Mate 60 Pro in the market shocked the American government as they were not expecting a sudden rise in Huawei’s growth graph.

Despite being away from advanced U.S. technologies, Huawei continues to grow and build innovative products with high-level functionalities. We may find the same treatment for the upcoming P70 series smartphones as well.

Huawei laptop Intel AI chip

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2024 laptop (Image Credits: Huawei)

(Source – Reuters)

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