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Huawei Hubble becomes shareholder of large Chinese AI model firm



Huawei Hubble AI model shareholder

Huawei Hubble is in the headlines for becoming a shareholder of a large Chinese AI model company for the first time. Wall-Facing Intelligence recently finalized an investment of hundreds of millions of yuan with Primavera Ventures and Huawei Hubble.

The investment also includes the Beijing AI Industry Investment Fund and Zhihu as strategic shareholders. A major aim is to promote and use smart artificial intelligence facilities for large models that can help businesses and entrepreneurs in China.

Hubble is Huawei’s investment-making subsidiary firm. It has invested in many semiconductor companies so far. But this is the first time that Huawei Hubble has become a vital shareholder of a well-known Chinese large AI model company.

Huawei Hubble AI model shareholder

Huawei Hubble invests in large AI model company (Image Credits: ITHome)

Wall-facing Intelligence firm mainly looks after the general AI fields and works on large-model mechanisms and innovative app transformation. It has introduced four AI models of the MiniCPM 2, benchmarked against global rivals – OpenAI GPT-4V, Mistral-7B, and Llama 2.

For the latest investment scenario, Primavera Ventures in charge said that the large AI model helps in forming digitalization. It will further aid in eliminating technical and machinery challenges and offering reliable support to operators.

The CEO of Wall-facing Intelligence – Li Dahai recently said that the firm will immensely contribute to the improvements and advanced capabilities of large AI models. It will also remain focused on the base models to confront OpenAI GPT-4.

Huawei Hubble AI model shareholder

Huawei Hubble invests in large AI model company (Image Credits: Huawei)

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