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U.S. govt reviewing supply requests to Huawei under ‘highest scrutiny’



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The U.S. government said on Wednesday it is reviewing the license request from US companies to export products to Huawei under the highest national security scrutiny since the company is still blacklisted.

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The Commerce Department said as it reviewed applications, it was applying the presumption of denial standard associated with Entity Listed companies, meaning the application will not be accepted, reported Reuters.

Donald Trump on June 29, announced to ease trade restriction from Huawei that would resume purchasing technologies from the US, which was stopped after Huawei was placed in the trade blacklist in May citing espionage concerns.

The announcement made by Trump appreciated by the US firms but even after four days, the government officials are clueless of what the new export policy will be.

“It seems like nobody has made up their mind as to what the policy is and, as a result, nothing’s changing,” said Douglas Jacobson, an international trade lawyer.

Recently, a White House official said that the government will only allow Huawei to purchase widely available products and not sensitive technologies.

The main issue is, the Commerce Department has not released a clear guideline to its export enforcement staff, which sought to clarify how agents should approach license request by firms seeking approval to ship to Huawei.

In this way, we don’t know what the government of US and Donald Trump are working on but the one thing is for sure that they’re not sounding in one voice.

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