Huawei will remain in U.S. blacklist with additional licenses to access technologies: Report

The US president Donald Trump has recently announced that technology firms can resume supplying Huawei but that doesn’t mean that they’re lifted the ban says a top White House personnel.

Breaking: Trump says Huawei can continue to purchase U.S. technologies

Larry Kudlow, National Economic Council chairman told trump’s decision to grant Huawei the permission to regain access for US technologies will only be applicable to products that are widely available and not for the sensitive equipment, reported Fox News.

“All that is going to happen is Commerce will grant some additional licenses where there is a general availability” of the parts the company needs,” told Kudlow.

On June 29, Trump announced that Huawei once again can access US technologies but remain silent on the information about the trade ban removal from Huawei.

In May, the US Commerce Department added Huawei to the “Entity List” or simply called a trade blacklist – an action that bans Huawei from buying components and software services from U.S. firms.

This decision easing trade restriction, came after the meeting between two leaders of the US and China to solve the trade issues. For now, this allowance in technology supply can make a big difference for Huawei but we still have to wait for an official statement from the US Department of Commerce on the further development of this story.






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