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Trump says “not dealing with Huawei”, announced new tariffs on China



The US President Donald Trump has again dropped his trade talks with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and may bring some difficulties for Huawei as the trade war between two countries is once again goes live.

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Trump announced on August 1 that the U.S. will put 10% tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods starting Sept. 1. In a series of tweets, the president complained that China did not buy “large quantities” of agricultural products from the U.S. like it had agreed to do and that it did not stop the sale of Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, to the United States, reported CNBC.

On the same day, while addressing the media in the White House, he said that the U.S. is not talking on Huawei with China and not dealing with the company either. Although, he mentioned that the US suppliers can supply some of the goods to the company that does not pose national security threats.

But if China does not decide to hike its agriculture purchases from the U.S., it could bring some consequences for the Huawei because Trump can spoil the company again to get a negotiation with China.

After being placed in the US Entity-List, Huawei is banned from doing business with the American firms and Trump last month agreed to ease the restriction following the positive talks with the Chinese president in the sidelines of the G20.

The US Commerce is now working on to provide special licenses for the suppliers interested to ship to the Chinese tech giant that’s expected to happen by next week.

However, the Chinese administration wants the U.S. to fully lift the restriction on the company, but many U.S. lawmaker sees Huawei as a security threat, which Huawei has repeatedly denied.

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