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Three new Huawei phones enter network certification, expected to be P70 series



Huawei P70 Series network certification

Huawei seemed working on several smartphone products these days, three of which have now appeared on a radio and network certification and are implied to be the P70 series. If true, the new flagship lineup is not so far from its official launch.

Many bloggers and tipsters on Weibo shared screenshots of network certificates for the three mysterious Huawei phones. These new devices with model numbers ADY-AL10, HBN-AL80, and HBP-AL00 have passed radio and network approval.

The possible model number belonging could be:

  • ADY-AL10 – Standard Huawei P70
  • HBN-AL80 – Huawei P70 Pro
  • HBP-AL00 –  Huawei P70 Art

Further details reveal that two of the listed Huawei phones (HBN/HBP) support Beidou satellite-SMS and Tiantong satellite calling features. Whereas the ADY-AL10 smartphone model only bears the Beidou satellite messages capability.

Since Huawei listed three new phones altogether on the network certification, these handsets could be from the P70 series. The company seems to be gearing up for the development of its next P-lineup and might showcase it any time from now.

While early rumors claim that the P70 series has four models, the latest revelations point out that there could be only three variants, skipping the ‘Pro+’ model.

Huawei P70 Series network certification

Huawei phone model ADY (Image Credits; Weibo/DigitalChatStation)

Huawei P70 Series network certification

Huawei phone model HBN (Image Credits; Weibo/DigitalChatStation)

Huawei phone model HBP (Image Credits; Weibo/DigitalChatStation)

Pioneer Project:

A recent report mentions that the Chinese tech giant might skip a grand launch event for the respective phone models and directly begin the sale process under the Pioneer Project, just like the Huawei Mate 60 smartphones.

Although the company has not marked any stamp on these inputs so far. Huawei in fact, even denied ongoing rumors regarding the P70 series launch date and pre-sale event. Yet, the latest info clues that the new premium handsets have started inching closer to its launch timeline.

Tipster @DigitalChatStation cites that all models from the upcoming P70 series will support the newest camera solutions, improved Kirin 5G chips, next-gen satellite features, and upgraded variable aperture tech. Hence the Huawei P70 series appears to be worth waiting for.

Huawei P70 Series network certification

Image Credits: Huawei

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