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These 28 Huawei devices gets HarmonyOS with SuperHub file transfer feature



huawei harmonyos

It’s a big carnival because Huawei is rolling out HarmonyOS software update for massive 28 device models. It brings a variety of features such as SuperHub file transfer, which will help you to transfer different file types at a fast speed.

HarmonyOS is about new features, optimizations as well as a new security patch to improve the user experience for these 28 Huawei models. The latest update is prioritized right after the stable release of the first batch of Huawei smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Other than version information, the software will bring you optimizations for service widgets in some scenarios, a new moment tab for the gallery app, and installs November 2022 HarmonyOS security patch.

Below you can check all of the models:

  1. Mate 40 OCE-AN10
  2. Mate 40 Pro NOH-AN00
  3. Mate 40 Pro NOH-AN01
  4. Mate 40 Pro NOH-AL00/NOH-AL10
  5. Mate 40 Pro+ NOP-AN00
  6. Mate 40 RS Porsche Design NOP-AN00
  7. Mate X2 TET-AN00/TET-AN10
  8. Mate X2 TET-AN50
  9. Mate X2 4G TET-AL00
  10. Mate 40E Pro NOH-AN50
  11. P50E ABR-AL60
  12. P50E ABR-AL90
  13. Mate Xs 2 PAL-AL00
  14. Mate Xs 2 PAL-AL00
  15. P50 Pocket BAL-AL00/BAL-AL80
  16. P50 Pocket BAL-AL00/BAL-AL80
  17. P50 ABR-AL00
  18. P50 ABR-AL80
  19. P50 Pro JAD-AL00
  20. P50 Pro JAD-AL80
  21. P50 Pro JAD-AL50
  22. P50 Pro JAD-AL60
  23. Mate 40E OCE-AN50
  24. Mate 40E 4G OCE-AL50
  25. MatePad 11 WiFi DBY-W09
  26. MatePad Pro 12.6 2021 WiFi WGR-W09
  27. MatePad Pro 12.6 2021 WiFi WGR-W19
  28. MatePad Pro 12.6 2021 5G WGR-AN19

The package weighs around 1.1GB in size and it may relate to most of the listed devices.

28 Huawei harmonyos


  • Added super transfer hub feature, which can transfer text, pictures, files, and other content.
  • After long pressing and dragging into the super transfer hub, you can cross-app, cross-device.
  • Drag out multiple pieces of content at a time and share them in batches.
  • Optimize the notification prompts in some scenarios.

Service widgets:

  • Optimize the service widget feature, add support information application, and improve the user experience.


  • The “Moment” tab adds a recommended section, more exciting moments such as edibles and pets.


  • Integrates the November 2022 security patch to enhance system security.

Phone users with HarmonyOS 3, could download this firmware via Settings or the My Huawei app. Furthermore, we suggest you to backup important files and maintain internal memory to store the OTA package.

huawei harmonyos

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