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Tesla wins OTA push race, Huawei AITO follows



AITO M5 EV HarmonyOS 3

A recent report from a Chinese researcher shows that Tesla has won the race of OTA rollout in the smart car industry, on the other hand, Huawei led AITO to enter the top players to take care of the new OTA update to improve the smart car user experience.

According to the information, EV maker Tesla is far ahead in terms of pushing new OTA updates. The data reveals that Tesla has released 11 software updates in the past year.

July 2022 is the only month that the company left not to upgrade its EVs. However, the entire 11 months were packed with new software releases. On this subject, BYD’s performance is average with a push of 4 software updates.

However, AITO comes in the top trends with the 7 OTA software rollout, which is way better than the competitors and other top car makers.

In terms of OTA upgrades, the smart cockpit has always been the focus of the smart car industry. The screen UI interaction/application and voice control are the most concentrated sections of the infotainment system.

Tesla OTA Huawei AITO

HarmonyOS 3:

During the Huawei P60 series launch event, Huawei Smart Car Business Cheif, Yu Chengdong announced that all AITO smart car models will get HarmonyOS 3.0 operating system very soon.

HarmonyOS 3 for these AITO M5 cars will bring new features including a super home screen and smart car search. The net recommendation score of Huawei M5 car owners is 86.4%. Earlier this month, Huawei released a new V1.0.105 OTA update for AITO M7, which brings 160 optimizations including the new smart car search mode.

HarmonyOS 3 AITO M5

The latest V1.0.105 version AITO M7 system can automatically identify and send parking space information to the AITO app and made it easier for everyone to find a car parking. This update also improves the smart voice assistant Celia.

It shows that Huawei is boosting the software upgrade capability of AITO and it may exceed the OTA rate of Tesla in future.


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