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Huawei 2022 Annual Business Report report on March 31



Huawei 2022 annual report

Huawei has officially confirmed to share its 2022 annual financial report card on March 31, 2023, from 16:30 to 18:10. According to the information, the 2022 Huawei annual report will announce the company’s business results facts, and figures for 2022 from Shenzhen, China.

For your information, the financial report includes Revenue, Net Profit, and Cash flow from operating activities. It also shows revenue by business segment and also revenue by region.

The report also mentions investment in research and development in various sections of the business. There will be other revelations on the progress that Huawei businesses made in different segments as well as parts of the world.

You can check the complete live stream on the official website here.

Huawei 2022 annual report

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