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Talking Tom Time Rush launches on Huawei AppGallery



Talking tom time Rush Huawei AppGallery

After the success of Talking Tom & Friends, game developer Outfit7 has now launched Talking Tom Time Rush game on Huawei AppGallery. This is quite amazing news for Huawei smartphone owners.

Talking Tom Time Rusha is a new runner game that allows you to enjoy adventures with your favorite character Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger, and Becca.

Players can join Tom and his friends as they dive into a world to explore side unique paths and discover special surprises together.

Here are some of the key features of Talking Tom Time Rush:

  • All of the friends are unlocked from the beginning
  • Run through extraordinary worlds
  • Find cross-roads, side paths, and surprises
  • Try out special vehicles
  • Boost your run with supersonic power-ups
  • Collect cool new outfits

talking tom time rush huawei appgallery

Interestingly, you can also speed up their chase by hopping on cool vehicles, like bikes or pirate ships, or use power-ups to boost their progress.

“The Talking Tom & Friends brand has been thrilling Huawei users with every new game introduced,” said Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Consumer Mobile Services Europe at Huawei. “Talking Tom Time Rush is no exception, and we expect dedicated Talking Tom & Friends players, fans of other runner games, and casual and arcade gamers to download the new game in their droves now that it’s available. But be careful… Once you start playing this game, it’s hard to stop!”

Open this link of AppGallery on your Huawei smartphone and download the Talking Tom Time Rush game. Open the app and start playing.

Talking tom time Rush Huawei AppGallery

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