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Taiwan’s Economic Minister said firms not selling key technologies to Huawei




Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua has shared a statement on Taiwanese firms and Huawei business report from Bloomberg.

Wang said that Taiwan’s laws are in line with US sanctions and export control rules. Therefore, all firms are abiding by not providing key technologies to Chinese companies. While reacting to the report, Mr. Wang clarified that four of the companies mentioned by Bloomberg are not supplying any key technologies or equipment to Huawei.

These four Taiwanese companies include a subsidiary of chip material reseller Topco Scientific Co, a subsidiary of cleanroom equipment supplier L&K Engineering Co, a subsidiary of construction specialist United Integrated Services Co, and chemical supply system provider Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology Taiwan Co.

All of these companies came up with their own statement on this matter and said that there’s no transfer of key or critical technologies to Huawei under the current base of their business. Adding that there is some business between the firms but it is completely legal and doesn’t violate US sanctions. Read more here.


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