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Taiwanese companies denied semiconductor technology transfer to Huawei, ‘doing legal business only’




Two of the Taiwanese companies linked to the Huawei chip business have said that the current criteria of business with the Chinese tech company does not violate any of the US laws or sanctions.

Yesterday, Bloomberg came up with a report of key Taiwanese companies supporting Huawei for chip plants and helping it to build its own network of chipmakers.

It is suggested that Huawei has been relying on three little-known firms in Shenzhen — Pengxinwei IC Manufacturing Co, Pensun Technology Co, and SwaySure Technology Co — to produce chips based on its designs. It has the involvement of four Taiwanese firms — chip material reseller Topco Scientific Co, cleanroom equipment supplier L&K Engineering Co, construction specialist United Integrated Services Co, and chemical supply system provider Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology Taiwan Co, reveals the report.


In a statement, L&K Engineering mentioned that its China-based subsidiary was engaged in interior architecture work, and electric and line pipe layout tasks. Saying that this field of work doesn’t include technologies and semiconductor equipment sales restricted by the US.

Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology also reacted to this matter calling it a legal business and the company is following all of the national and trade agreements. On a further note, Cica-Huntek also noted that the company has received orders from from Pengxinwei and Pensun since June 2022 for chemical supply system solutions for two Chinese firms. However, the company denied supplying any IC equipment.

The other Taiwanese companies also denied sharing any critical technology or semiconductor equipment with Huawei in this matter.


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