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Shenzhen reportedly plans to boost Huawei’s HarmonyOS to rival Android, iOS



Shenzhen boost Huawei HarmonyOS

Huawei seems to be getting full support from the Shenzhen government to boost the HarmonyOS growth. A new piece of information depicts that China’s authorities plan to speed up HarmonyOS expansion across various industries in 2024.

According to the details, the Shenzhen municipal government aims to boost the counts of Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT-based native apps and their adoption among major departments. The authorities published a new 2024 action plan on this subject.

The latest scheme reads that several sectors including education, medical fields, enterprises, banking, and transport should soon adapt to the HarmonyOS-based native applications. It further notes to account for at least 10% of the total HarmonyOS apps in mainland China by the end of 2024.

On the other hand, the Shenzhen government will set up HarmonyOS developer courses alongside two new industrial parks to build new and innovative products based on HarmonyOS. It will promote HarmonyOS native app development training.

Shenzhen boost Huawei HarmonyOS

Huawei HarmonyOS (Credits: SCMP)

Huawei has already secured the top place in China’s smartphone market – thanks to the Mate 60 series’s booming sales. Meanwhile, HarmonyOS NEXT and Shenzhen’s 2024 action plan will inch the Chinese tech maker closer to more achievements.

Moreover, these efforts will strengthen HarmonyOS to overtake Apple’s iOS as the second-largest smartphone operating system in China this year. This initiative will also heat the rivalry with Google’s Android in the Chinese smartphone market.

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Both these OS(s) are considered to dominate the global market for their impressive features and interesting tools. However, Huawei is working to make its self-developed operating system more reliable, smarter, and safer than its competitors.

The company is constantly joining hands with new firms to widen its HarmonyOS Ecosystem. Besides, groups like Baidu Maps are ready to share the SDK for HarmonyOS NEXT by the end of this month. Thus, we may witness a new milestone in the time ahead.

Shenzhen boost Huawei HarmonyOS

Huawei HarmonyOS (Credits: SCMP)


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