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HarmonyOS user base growth made Google worry about Pixel phone business: Report



HarmonyOS user growth Google business

Huawei HarmonyOS user base growth is gradually rising and made tech makers like Google worried about their smartphone business. A new report claims that the Android maker plans new actions to expand its smartphone sphere worldwide.

According to the information, Google seeks to initiate the Pixel phone production in India in the second quarter of this year. The company is taking this step in an effort of its business expansion and strengthen its supply chain in outer regions.

Google aims a shipment of 10 million Pixel units this year, the same as Huawei. The company already made a similar achievement last year amid the smartphone market slowdown and wants to continue the trend in 2024 as well.

Initially, the U.S. tech giant will lay the production line for Pixel 8 Pro handsets in the coming weeks and thereafter move to the standard Pixel 8 model. These manufacturing activities will held in different parts of the country from the mid-year.

Earlier, Google used to produce the majority of Pixel phones in China. Despite the trade war between Washington and Beijing, the firm continued its work in Vietnam. But Huawei’s strong comeback made Google rethink its business strategies.

HarmonyOS user growth Google business

As of now, Google seems to be worried about its Pixel phone business as Huawei and its HarmonyOS user base growth is rapidly increasing in China.

A few insiders report that to achieve the goal of a 10 million unit shipment and secure its search engine position, Google needs to keep checking its business’s sustainability.

Huawei and HarmonyOS

Huawei Mate 60 Pro introduction in China has made many tech makers like Google, Apple, and even Samsung, concerned about their business. For now, the companies are planning to move their production setup out of China to shield their business.

On the other hand, Huawei announced HarmonyOS NEXT which is now a real and independent operating system. It no longer relies upon the old and outdated software components derived from the Android open-source project but uses original elements.

Moreover, Chinese consumers are now preferring native firms and their products instead of foreign goods to support the economic growth of the region. Thus, Huawei HarmonyOS now appears as a big rival to many tech vendors in the world.


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