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SERES says it also received invitation to invest in new Huawei automotive company




SERES is the first car partner company from China that started to make cars with Huawei, both of these companies collaborated on the AITO car brand. Meanwhile, SERES said that it also received an invitation to invest in the new automotive solution car company Huawei.

A few days ago, Huawei and Changan Auto announced an investment agreement for a new automotive solution company. It aims to focus on research and development, intelligent car solution sales and services, and more.

Huawei will also announce open equity for its partner car companies and other industry leaders to join the ownership board.

Huawei SERES

Reacting to this, SERES said that this strategic adjustment of Huawei’s automotive business unit will not affect the long-term relationship between the two companies.

The SERES also said it has received an invitation to jointly invest in the new company and jointly participate in achieving its scope to create a better automotive car industry.

Aside from this, SERES said it will establish deeper cooperation with Huawei for joint research and development for future AITO products.


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