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SERES is a Huawei car manufacturing company? Check official reply



Huawei SERES

On December 23, Huawei has launched the first AITO brand electric vehicle – AITO M5 medium-size SUV in China, jointly built by Huawei and SERES. Aside from this, rumors started popping up that SERES is a Huawei car manufacturing firm from various aspects.

In response, XiaoKang, an automobile manufacturer located in China denies the rumors of SERES being a Huawei car manufacturing and mentions that SERES is a subsidiary of XiaoKang. In addition, the company also added that Huawei is a long-term partner of SERES, not foundry.

Huawie Aito M5

An executive from XiaoKang also stated that the production and manufacturing of the newly launched AITO M5 model to the entire value chain of users’ cars. This EV features SERES capabilities in extended-range technology and cutting-edge technology from Huawei to bring a new experience to users.

Also, Huawei is sending the smart cars of third-party brands through its sales channel to help the car manufactures “make good cars and sell good cars.”

Xiaokang executive further said that SERES and Huawei have a long-term cooperative relationship that empowers each other. The two sides will cooperate around the three core industries of technology, channels, and products. In the future, cooperation in new technologies, new products, and new areas will not be ruled out.

More information:

Just 2 days ago, it was reported Huawei AITO M5 has exceeds 6000 pre-orders in China. According to the new information, a sales consultant at Huawei’s authorized Store stated that the AITO M5 now has over 8,000 pre-orders We ordered 18 units for a store yesterday.

Regarding this on December 23, Richard Yu said that “The appearance, interior, and performance of AITO M5 are built in accordance with the requirements of a million-dollar luxury car.” Endurance can kill fuel vehicles and electric vehicles in seconds.

huawei seres aito m5

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