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Say hello to smoother and faster animations with EMUI 14.2



EMUI 14.2 smoother animations

EMUI 14.2 made a surprising debut with the Huawei Pura 70 series and accompanies a range of exciting features, but something that will mainly catch your attention for this new software version is its smoother and unexpectedly faster animations.

Huawei already tweaked the user interface segment in the EMUI 14. The company has integrated an Ark Engine that improves the animations of apps and makes them quick, smooth, as well as responsive towards users’ tasks or other operations.

Although EMUI 14.2 aims to take these animations to the next level, with smoother and faster results. Hence you will feel a magical experience throughout your device.

Three major changes to notice in the EMUI 14.2 animations part:

  1. Image Loading
  2. Smoother Motions
  3. Faster App Launches

Instant loading of images

With EMUI 14.2, Huawei enhanced the motion aspect for many tasks. Loading of images in the Album app has become much faster and more instant than ever. Just swipe and all your favorite snaps will appear right in front of you in no time.

EMUI 14.2 smoother animations

Huawei EMUI 14.2 brings faster animations (Image Credits: Huawei)

Smoother and more fluid Motions

EMUI 14.2 ensures that you can run from one part of the home screen to another without getting stuck in animations. You can swiftly turn from the main screen to the notification panel, or opt for any other gesture without encountering any lag.

Faster app launches

Say goodbye to slow app loading times! It is easier to launch apps on the screen than ever. You can easily switch between apps or look for those that are in the background for quick usage. These animations not only keep the work fluent but also offer a stunning visual experience, without ruining the rendering part.

Everything combined, EMUI 14.2 makes complex interactions easier and more suitable for users. Meanwhile, we can expect to see more useful features with the respective software version in the time ahead.

EMUI 14.2 smoother animations

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