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Samsung reportedly plans to rival Huawei for ‘world’s first’ triple foldable phone



Samsung Huawei first triple foldable

Samsung seems to be planning a tough battle with Huawei over the world’s first triple foldable handset. So far, we only heard of the Chinese tech giant developing a tri-fold device. But it looks like the South Korean firm may soon join this race.

As per an X (Twitter) tipster @Tech_Reve, Samsung is likely to launch a triple folding device this year. While Huawei is expected to showcase its iconic triple-foldable phone by the second quarter of 2024, Samsung may not want to lose the ‘world’s first’ tag in this aspect.

However, a few netizens commented that it would be better for Samsung to grab the ‘ideal’ badge for its phones rather than ‘first’. The userz said they faced many camera issues with the newly launched Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship handset.

For now, Samsung has not shared any words on unveiling a triple-fold device in the time ahead. But a few months back, the company applied for a new Galaxy Fold patent with a dual hinge and triple-screen framework.

Samsung Huawei first triple foldable

Huawei vs Samsung: Who would be the first?

As per rumors and leaks, Huawei is speeding the development of the triple-foldable phone to unveil it in the second half of this year. The firm is testing ultra-thing glass and hinge mechanisms for the device to make it durable and productive in all aspects.

On the flip side, Huawei is tipped to use the advanced carbon fiberglass material for its tri-fold instead of the traditional aluminum alloy. This implementation will make the device lightweight and it may deliver long-lasting performance.

At the same time, the material will provide a comfortable grip in your hands, preventing accidental slips. Probably, we may find more details on this subject along with Samsung’s new product release date in the coming days.

Things are currently circulating in rumors regarding Samsung’s tri-fold handset. Hence, it won’t be right to mark confirmation on this matter for the moment. Though it would be worth seeing¬†who will wear the ‘world’s first’ triple-foldable phone maker crown on their head between Huawei and Samsung!

Samsung Huawei first triple foldable

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