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Huawei triple foldable phone might use carbon fiber material for lightweight design



Huawei triple foldable carbon fiber material

Huawei reportedly began working on the first-ever triple foldable phone and the company might use brand-new solutions in this development including a carbon fiber material. Perhaps, Huawei looks forward to ‘far ahead’ results with this product.

As per the Weibo tipster @FixedFocus, some professionals have predicted there is a high chance that the alleged triple-foldable phone may opt for a new carbon fiber material instead of the same traditional aluminum alloy.

Even though the tipster didn’t mention any specific brand name, the recent tick-tacks in the tri-fold device matter and netizens hint that the leak is about Huawei’s new product. Probably, Huawei may switch to carbon fiber material for its triple-foldable phone.

The information further hints that the material could be used as the external cover of the device. Eventually, the introduction of the carbon fiber solution over old aluminum would be a good choice for making the device lightweight and durable.

Huawei triple foldable carbon fiber material

What is Carbon Fiber Material?

This solution consists of thin filaments of carbon atoms joined together in a crystalline structure and contributes to an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It is quite five times stronger than steel and also exhibits lightweight capabilities.

In other words, carbon fiber material is well-known for its strength and durability aspects. It provides long-lasting performance. Besides, the material offers a comfortable grip, avoids accidental slips, and has a sleek design with a premium finish.

The tipster mentioned that Carbon Fiber materials are in trend due to their amazing qualities and major tech vendors are considering them for their products. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if Huawei picks it for its triple-folding smartphone.

Huawei Triple-Foldable Launch?

Huawei hearsay to launch the first-ever triple foldable device by Q2 2024. To date, a handful of rumors surfaced for the respective handset. However, the company has not made any official statement on this matter. Thus, we need to wait for some more details to put the stamp of confirmation on this topic.


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